I did my first show in the 8th grade. Tall, lanky, awkward, the only person of color and only boy in the whole class, but if I didn't sing the swankiest rendition of Summer Nights for the cabaret, I'll be damned. That moment catapulted my heart's desires toward the stage and opened up my heart and my mind in too many ways to count. I studied music and theater for 5 years at Grand Canyon University and studied a year of film at Scottsdale Community College before dropping everything to throw myself into the world of live arts. From collaborative improv dance groups, to film festivals, engaging with multiple ariZoni nominated show runs, and even working on an album as this is being written, I have nothing but joy in my heart to have had as many opportunities as I've been graced with. There have been countless talented minds and artists that I have been able to glean so much perspective and knowledge from and well as been able to pass that my own to the next generation in shows I have been able to direct and masterclasses and arts camps I have been granted a chance to lead and teach. 
As I continue to be more and move forward I am excited to delve more into my passion for music as I finish writing an EP I am ecstatic to share next year and begin my truly leaning into my endeavors as a director. As much as I love that spotlight, there is something about being the one to bring about greatness through your fellow artists. 
So I am launching my Radical Passion Project. Curious about it? Check out my video below
Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to collab with you too, my friends.
Can't wait to collab! Talk soon.
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